Saturday, 19 March 2011

Video distribution methods

Google Videos offers both free services and commercial videos, the latter controlled with digital rights management.

The basic way to watch the videos is through the Google Videos website, Each video has a unique web address in the format of<video id>, and that page contains an embedded Flash Video file which can be viewed in any Flash-enabled browser.

Permalinks to a certain point in a video are also possible, in the format of<video id>#XXhYYmZZs[8] (that is, with a fragment identifier containing a timestamp).
Flash Video

The browser automatically caches the flash file while it plays, and it can be retrieved from the browser cache once it has fully played. There are also several tools and browser extensions to download the file. It can be then viewed in video players that can handle flash, for example VLC media player, Media Player Classic (with ffdshow installed), MPlayer or Wimpy.

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